obbi solutions

Profits & Protection, Digitally Delivered.

Obbi effortlessly enables all employees to fulfil their obligations. We digitise your business processes to improve People Productivity, reduce Direct Costs and improve your Compliance & Risk Mitigation.

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Talent Guardian

On-boarding, Training, and Engagement

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compliance guardian

Audits, Checks, and Quality Assurance


incident guardian

Incident Management & Risk Mitigation

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Reduction in admin costs


gain back valuable time

Say goodbye to pointless paper processes, and hello freed up hours! We save you money from eliminating unnecessary paper costs!


Reduction in on-boarding time


company induction made quicker

No more lengthy and costly company induction days! Giving back that high value time to your managers and HR team.


Compliance visibility


keep your company protected

We get rid of the pain of those paper audits. We have the ability to reduce accidents at work and significantly increase company protection against any claims.