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On-boarding time reduced by 62%

No more lengthy and costly company induction days! Giving back that high value time to your managers and HR team.

Admin slashed by up to 75%

Say goodbye to pointless paper processes, goodbye to those hefty shredding bills and hello freed up hours!

Up to 100% Safer Working Practices

We have the ability to reduce accidents at work and significantly increase company protection against any claims.

That’s exactly what we do! Obbi is a revolutionary software product that integrates all of the above on to one, easy to manage, cloud-based platform


Just like you…

Just like you, our founders were experiencing frustration relating to an integrated solution to training, compliance, health & safety and even accident reporting.

'“If only there was one piece of software that combined everything in one easy to manage space” - voila! Obbi Solutions was born!

Want to reduce your induction time of new staff by 60%? Yep - we can help you do that!

Want to go slash your administration time by 75%? Hey - we can help you do that!

OR how about keeping every single member of staff trained in a timely manner including refresher updates? You guessed it - we can help you do that!

HR Managers

Want to improve the well-being, engagement and development of your staff?

Operations Managers

Want to increase the quality and productivity of your staff?

Health & Safety Officers

Struggling with challenges of increased bureaucracy and legislation?

Some of our customers…