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Decora Blinds

Barry Hughes, Training and Development Manager, Decora Blind Systems Ltd:

Obbi has transformed our processes, slashing the time required for our induction by over 60 per cent and opened up our staff to a new way of thinking. We began with a simple task of replicating our internal processes digitally, but what Obbi has actually achieved is to allow our staff to spot potential time savings in their daily jobs and has empowered them to re-examine their processes and make implementable suggestions that will save the company considerable time and money.

“Once we saw our key processes optimised through the Obbi system our eyes were opened to a new and easier way of doing things. For example, our old induction process used to take from 9.00am to 1:00pm and had to be carried out by senior management. Now the process is so simple that it can be delegated to multiple team members, delivered by 10.30am, and dramatically simplifying our payroll simplifying and streamlining the administration of the induction process.”

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Choice Hotels

Andrew O’Neill, CEO of Choice Hotels:

“We signed up with Obbi in 2017 starting in Croydon Park Hotel, a 112 bed hotel in London and this became our main test site. I’m glad to report that after a year, we installed it into all of our businesses after a successful launch”.

“Obbi has become an integral part of our management tools in the business and it has helped us create efficiencies through our whole team. Risk assessment has improved within the business and insurance claims have been reduced from we have been using Obbi”.

“Staff training is now logged and recorded in an accurate and timely manner and most importantly all of the information is stored securely”.