Team Obbi


Gareth Macklin

Founder & Director

From a young age, Gareth has always been a business man - Some might say he turned up to his first day of nursery in a 3-piece suit with a briefcase! He is always thinking of ways to make business life easier and more effective.

Gareth has over 20 years experience in hospitality and healthcare, namely in his family business which has been a leading and award-winning group for more than 30 years.

Leveraging his extensive experience along with help from the Obbi Senior Management Team, Gareth created a solution for like-minded business people who were experiencing the similar pain points that he was.


JP McCorley

Chief Technology Officer

Having a keen interest in motivational speakers and self development, JP has realised that anything is possible after walking on hot coal with Tony Robbins!

JP has always had a passion for technology with strong ambition and motivation to put his stamp on the technology world; all whilst using it to better the lives of Operation Managers, H&S Officers and HR Managers like yourselves.

JP loves to stay up to speed with new technology trends and incorporate his leanings into Obbi Solutions, keeping us ‘in the know’.


Clodagh Devlin

Operations Director

Clodagh (also known as Superwoman) has over 20 years experience in a range of fields and is the glue that holds the Obbi team together.

Highly skilled in Operations, Clodagh has lived through many of the pain points associated with the 10 key business processes and is fully committed to helping companies resolve these issues with the Obbi Solutions software.

Clodagh is Ballycastle born and bred so you might just find her by the North Coast at the weekends tucking in on the famous ‘yellow-man’ (if you haven’t… your missing out - a Ballycastle delicacy!).


Catherine Rooney

Marketing & Communications Executive

In her spare time you can find Catherine taking in nature, hiking around the mountains or else hiking around the local bars gin tasting!

With a background in Digital Marketing, Catherine has always been interested in all things creative.

Also known as ‘The Voice’, Catherine believes that Obbi is an extremely beneficial product for any organisation and was itching to get to work on spreading the word to the world.


Malcolm Vincent

Senior Software Developer

Malcolm has been working in the computer industry for many years (even back when floppy disks were cool!) and has always had a keen interest in data base design and programming.

Malcolm enjoys the challenge of working on Obbi with the user centric data model - basically all of you lovely people have more control, more choices and more flexibility, which keeps the tech team nice and busy.

In his spare time Malcolm likes to unplug from technology and paddle his way through local rivers on his kayak - it’s all about that balance!

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