Why Choose Obbi?

Obbi provides a solution to your problems

At Obbi Solutions we are different because we understand your pains - we’ve been there! This gives us a greater understanding of what our customers want.

We know there are hundreds of e-learning solutions out there, however our entire culture is different. With over 50 years combined operational experience in manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality and employing over 650 people in these sectors, our founders experienced significant pain and frustration relating to an integrated solution to multiple processes such as training, compliance and health and safety, facility management and even accident reporting.

Instead of giving up and going back to old processes that weren’t as efficient as they knew they could be, they came together and created a solution - Obbi Solutions.

Our customers have reported that Obbi has achieved…

Up to 22% Staff Retention

Your staff will feel more engaged, more empowered through focused training and more comfortable in the tasks at hand.

On-boarding time reduced by 62%

No more lengthy and costly company induction days! Giving back that high value time to your managers and HR team.

Admin slashed by up to 75%

Say goodbye to pointless paper processes, goodbye to those hefty shredding bills and hello freed up hours!

Up to 100% Safer Working Practices

We have the ability to reduce accidents at work and significantly increase company protection against any claims.